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 GUIDE: Being a Criminal

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PostSubject: GUIDE: Being a Criminal   Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:31 pm

- The Guide to Crime -

Click the link below to find out the difference in criminals.

Too many times in the communities I have been in have I seen a massive amount of players wishing to be criminals. Instead of living a quality life of working and socializing everyone wants to wield weapons and kill everything in sight; I am one of those people. I credit myself on being a rather good criminal (at least comparing to the ones we usually have) and I wish to spread some of my knowledge on the rest of the community. Read along if you wish to live a life of crime and I can guarantee that your experience will be much more satisfying and will result in an overall better role-play for everyone.

- So you want to be a criminal eh'?
When starting a criminal character ask yourself the question "What exactly do I want to accomplish?" and you will generally think of one of three things.
A. I want to make money!
B. I want to make people fear me!
C. I want to have influence in the city!

These three things are generally the driving force behind any criminal. You could be just one or multiple variations of them but everyone will fall under at least one category. After you decide what it is you want to do you have to think of how you are going to accomplish this and with who. This leads to the next step...

- Get to know the new you!
After you decide what you want to do establish a character to do it with. Do you want to terrorize the city as a Russian immigrant turned serial killer or do you want to rise from the slums of poverty as an outlaw biker? The choices are limitless but also limited. You can probably think of a plethora of different options for your character but you should limit the character and their history to something realistic. If you wish to be the leader of an Irish Mob than your character should not be an Asian Car Salesman from Brazil. Think of something that makes sense to your role and play it out properly... see what I did there? If you are stuck on a back story ask one of our esteemed writers to do it for you or base your life on a real criminal or fictional favorite of yours. You could use the likes of Tony Montana or Buffalo Bill as a basis than mold it to fit your liking. With knowledge and a level of creativity anything is possible!

- What do I do once I made my character!?
This is often the most puzzling question for all criminal role-players and it is honestly a hard question to answer so I will do my best. After you get done making your bad-ass law-breaker you are faced with the dilemma of actually starting to get your progression on the go. This is where your back story and that question your asked yourself earlier comes into play. Think about what your character wants and who they are and then try and think of what you would do in their shoes. Most criminals don't just start off pushing key's of yayo or eating their mutilated victims so you want to follow the path of the norm at first and change once it seems appropriate. If your a serial killer you could try and work the typical 9-5 for awhile until you realize your co-worker's flesh seems quite tasty and move on from there. This is not the moment where your just start killing and robbing which leads to the next step.

- Limit yourself!
As criminals we always want constant action and this is just simply not realistic. While it may seem plausible in your eyes to rob the bank six times then kill three people to make money it just isn't beneficial to the role-play nor is it allowed. We law-breakers are faced with the constant temptation to kill and pillage but while we have the ability to do so based on our title that doesn't me we have reason to do so. Work slowly in your "profession" as a real person would. Even the most prolific killers didn't run around and murder 8 people a day for months on end; You have to follow these fine citizens example and take breaks where your progress your story through means that doesn't involve drug sales or stabbing.

- Set realistic goals
While everyone wants to be the top dog in crime it isn't possible so it is sometimes much more rewarding to set a goal that you can reach through decent work and dedication. If you start as a street hustler selling weed for $15 a pop you could have aspirations to finally by a boat or start your own crew. This gives you a sense of reward for everything you do and makes everything more enjoyable in the long run.

- Have fun with it
People in crime often get too caught up in the money aspect or status quo feeling to the point where they don't have any fun in completing their goals. The role-plays are not just about how many houses or cars you have; they are about playing your role! Have fun in your conquest to the top or fulfillment of your sadistic pleasures.. it is a game after all.

Well I hope that helped a little bit. It may see general to some but you would be surprised how many people disregard these little virtues. I will be posting an example in the near future but I'm also interested in hearing any additional opinions you all may have. Keep this topic civil! Any reply may get added but the ones I find useless will be disregarded. I hope to see some more good criminals in the future to play with!

- King SwaaaaaG x's Guide to Crime -
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GUIDE: Being a Criminal
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